Friday, August 18, 2017

Thinking About Thinking About Space

The Starship Congress last week was full of expansive ideas of brave new worlds and the odysseys to reach them. I have a new theory that if you pack enough space geeks close enough together they will start to spontaneously levitate. I'm in the thick of this community, but i gotta say - wow, we really need to get more grounded.

There is something super-seductive about creating a vision for a whole new place completely outside our current reality. Yep. Don't i know it. If you work on one hard enough it develops a certain tangibility in your head and it is hard to listen to criticisms of it. Yep. Been there. On the other hand...

The space nerd community is small and so we can't achieve anything unless we pool our resources. Moonwards is, of course, about stitching together the best of our ideas into a whole virtual world spanning all of cis-lunar space and hopefully then beyond it. Watching the presentations at the SC last week caused me to wonder how akin that task is going to be to herding cats. I have had to pick an initial set of ideas in order to create a solid foundation that other work can build on. In the next few weeks i am going to discover exactly how easy or hard it is to splice other visions onto it in a way the creator is okay with. This will get interesting...

So let me get back to work at creating the medium that can allow it all to grow and knit together into something greater than its parts. All we need is the right space. Get that going and it'll grow like crazy-ass mushrooms.

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